selected poems online

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“Love Poem with No Mountains in Sight” in Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“The Tool Shed” in Superstition Review

“Litany (Easter)” in Crazyhorse

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“Mountain Laurel” in EcoTheo

“Headwaters” in River Mouth Review

“The Silo” at Poetry Daily

“Claim” at The Writer’s Almanac

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“Coracle Means a Small Vessel, a Boat” and “At Cape Henlopen” in Narrative

“To Swim” at PBS News Hour

“Inverting the Winter” in Salamander

“Neither Have I Wings” in Parentheses

“Protection Litany” in The Shore

“Catechism with Audubon Clock” in Psaltery & Lyre

“Kittatinny” in Waxwing

“The Islands Visible Only on Clear Days” and “Florida” in The West Review


“Foxgloves” read by Maya Jewell Zeller on Spokane Public Radio

“Catechism Only If Unspoken” on Tahoma Literary Review’s Soundcloud